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SeneCan Connect is a unique, virtual space that offers Seneca students, in Canada and abroad, a behind-the-scenes, peer-perspective on living, learning, working and celebrating in Canada.

Weekly Themes – Winter 2021

  • Anti-Bullying & Pink Shirt Day

    Feb. 22 – Apr. 1

    Anti-Bullying / Pink Shirt Day started 1997 in Nova Scotia , Canada . In grade 9, a male student was bullied and harassed because he was wearing a pink shirt . A student named Mr. Shepard and other students went to a discount store and bought 50 pink shirt s and distributed them to everyone the next...
  • International Women's Day + Canada & the Commonwealth

    Apr. 1 – Apr. 9

    The theme for March 1 - 8 on SeneCan Connect is Canada & The Commonwealth, as well as International Women's Day. Canada belongs to the British Commonwealth and the theme will explore the relationship between the Crown and Canada, the issues associated, and the longest reigning monarch, Q...

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