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Academic Integrity Week Fall 2020

Academic Integrity Week Fall 2020

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by Kathryn Klages, Seneca Libraries

in the December 2020 issue


Seneca’s Fall 2020 Academic Integrity Week ran from Oct. 19 to 23, 2020 and saw departments across the college promoting resources and services that help students understand and make ethical choices. Students were invited to participate and compete in a variety of virtual events and contests throughout the week.

Welcome to Academic Integrity Week video (featuring Cory Coletta, Manager, Student Life)

Monday, October 19 saw the launch of the Destination Academic Integrity module – an interactive introduction to the workshops, guides, and tools offered through the Learning Centre and Seneca Libraries. Students who successfully completed the module throughout Academic Integrity Week and Study Week were automatically entered into a draw for major prizes from the Seneca Student Federation.

Destination Academic Integrity remains available to students throughout the semester. The Seneca Student Federation believes in the importance of building student awareness of the supports available to them at Seneca and will continue to draw prizes for the students who complete the module. This serves as the virtual replacement of the former “Passport to Academic Success” program.

Tuesday, October 20 opened the Poster and Public Service Announcement Video contests. Students submitted original creations that expressed what Academic Integrity means to them. The deadline to submit was November 6 and the Academic Integrity Sub-Committee awarded the winners with Amazon gift cards. First prize was awarded to Steve Cao, second prize to Tetiana Vitiuk, third prize to Andrew Choi, and forth prize to Xinlan Ou.

Wednesday, October 21 marked the fifth annual International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating. Seneca is one of 88 postsecondary institutions worldwide registered as a participant in this global event. This was Seneca’s third year hosting a Whiteboard Pledge event. This year saw students joining the international conversation virtually by posting their thoughts, definitions, and opinions about why academic integrity is important to them via Padlet (#myownwork #excelwithintegrity).

Screen captures from the Whiteboard Pledge Padlet (available at https://padlet.com/angelinamalik/Seneca). -- one Padlet post says, "There will always be friends who come to you to ask for Assignment and claim that they'll never copy it. As a friend, for the sake of both your Academic integrity, don't so such a dangerous thing. Email your professor about things you don't understand, or engage in academic exchanges, but don't use friendship to kidnap your friend and have him copy your homework for you. Achieving results through your own thinking and hard work will make you truly proud." The user also posted a meme that says, "HOMEWORK -- Y U NO DO YOURSELF?" -- another Padlet post says, "Academic Integrity represents your true academic accomplishments" -- another Padlet post says, "Academic Integrity means being honest with not only yourself but also with your professors and classmates. Giving credit where it is due. Never passing off someone else's work as your own. Always citing your sources." Someone commented on this post, saying, "I totally agree. Even if you pass something with a good mark, you will still have that guilty feeling that you weren't true to the academic integrity policy." --another Pledge Padlet (available at https://padlet.com/angelinamalik/Seneca); this Padlet post says, "A little something to remember: Donut cheat!" (It contains drawings of donuts.) -- and the final Padlet post says, "Academic Integrity means that people can trust you"

Seneca further promoted the International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating through a live and interactive discussion led by Krisha Amin, Seneca Student Federation President, and Laurel Schollen, Vice-President Academic. The conversation about what Academic Integrity looks like at Seneca concluded with insightful questions from students and staff that were addressed from a variety of Seneca perspectives and departments. A transcribed recording of the discussion will be posted to the website.

On Thursday, October 22, the Academic Integrity Sub-Committee hosted a virtual Services Marketplace. Departments across Seneca, including Counselling and Accessibility Services, Seneca Recreation, Fitness and Wellness, First People@Seneca, and the Seneca Student Federation, showcased resources and services that help students achieve their goals. The marketplace was created using Wakelet and remains available to students.

The fall 2020 Academic Integrity Week produced online resources that students can access throughout the semester. The Academic Integrity Sub-Committee will continue to share these and more resources for students through the Academic Integrity for Students website. We look forward to hosting the next Academic Integrity week in winter 2021: Feb. 16 to 19, 2021.



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