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Academic College Council Update from the VPA

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by Laurel Schollen, Vice-President, Academic

in the Fall 2017 issue


This brief update builds on the update provided by Irene (see the Academic College Council Update from the Past Chair article in this issue) as well as information I provided at the Welcome Back meetings.

Leadership and Membership
A huge thank you to Professor Irene Kanurkas, past Chair of the ACC, for her work and leadership over the years, culminating in the aforementioned review of the Academic Policy. This work will continue under our new Chair. Welcome to Professor Jo Ann Purcell, who will take over as Chair at ACC’s first meeting on September 18.

We are still in the process of confirming the membership for 2017/18. Please consult the website for the membership list.

ACC Structure
The ACC is a college council, to which a number of working groups and standing committees report directly. There is a “dotted line” reporting structure between the Aboriginal Education Council, which is an autonomous body, and the ACC for the purposes of information exchange and coordination. Examples of standing committees/councils include the Degree Council and the English and Liberal Studies Subcommittee. This year, we are proposing a standing committee on Academic Integrity. In addition, the ACC forms working groups, as needed, to address issues of policy or procedure. These groups are charged with conducting research and consulting with the appropriate groups in order to inform their recommendations to the ACC. Examples of working groups include those formed to address the revision of specific sections of our existing Academic Policy. A schematic of the ACC structure is posted on the website.

Priorities for 2017/2018
The ACC meeting agendas are designed to align with the ACC work-plan. The work plan is a flexible document designed to identify the key priorities for the year and to assist with coordinating the work of the various committees and working groups as well as to address additional items brought forward by its members. While the work-plan, for this academic year, has not yet been finalized, the policy review work started last spring will be “front and centre” and will require significant attention. Further, there are plans to develop a robust Academic Integrity “program.” A standing committee will further develop the concept presented at the May 2017 meeting of the ACC.

There are several ways for members of the Seneca community to access information on the ACC. We have a space in MySeneca () where you will find the membership list, meeting schedule, agenda, work-plan, and other materials. You can connect with a member of council to provide input or feedback in advance of implementation of changes in policy and/or procedure or new initiatives.

Information and education sessions will be offered as workshops on their own or as part of our Faculty Development Days. In addition, in every issue of the Academic Newsletter, there will be an article providing an update on the ACC.



View the Fall 2017 issue of the Academic Newsletter.

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