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Assigning Digital Assignments Is Getting Easier!

Assigning Digital Assignments Is Getting Easier!

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by Liana Giovando, Seneca Libraries

in the June 2021 issue


The Sandbox at Seneca Libraries is working to make it easier to assign digital assignments by providing plug-and-play Learn@Seneca Packages which support digital assignments like creating videos, creating infographics, and creating websites. We are very excited to release our first package on video assignments in June 2021.

course design triangleOur instruction model is based on a course design triangle with digital literacy learning outcomes – one of Seneca's Core Literacies – spearheading the design. On another corner of the triangle are learning activities created by the Sandbox and driven by those learning outcomes. These learning activities help faculty develop digital literacies competencies in their students. The third corner is assessment with tips for instructors assigning digital assignments and downloadable Learn@Seneca rubrics designed to capture the learning outcomes.

The Sandbox has always supported digital literacy learning outcomes – this is what we do for students – but our course design triangle is now adding more robust support for faculty. Faculty who want to assign a video assignment will now have the option to embed a Sandbox Package into their Learn@Seneca course. Once embedded, the package will direct students to a self-paced, hands-on, interactive module of learning activities and a recording of a webinar that complements that module. If students need more support beyond the module and webinar recording, the package also links them directly to register for one of our live webinars, and to schedule digital media appointments with Sandbox Leads one-on-one.

The new Sandbox Packages bring together all these supports for students and address faculty needs. Packages are accompanied by sample assignments and tip sheets including resources to help faculty prepare the assignment, determine due dates, grading criteria, and more. In addition, faculty can download Learn@Seneca rubrics that are easily plugged into the course to help them assess the digital assignment submission. Of course, the sample assignments, tip sheet, and assessment rubric are all driven by the same digital literacy learning outcomes.

The Seneca Sandbox and Seneca Libraries are very excited to release our video assignments package for June 2021. Please visit the Sandbox website for more information and stay tuned for announcements of our official launch.



View the June 2021 issue of the Academic Newsletter.

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