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Protecting Your Student’s Personal Information

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by Cheryl Kennedy, Privacy Officer, ITS

in the March 2020 issue


Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), Seneca is required to take all reasonable steps to protect personal information. This includes using Seneca-sanctioned tools and systems, and protecting soft and hard copies of personal or confidential records.

Reminder to Faculty Members:

  • Please use the Grade Centre in My.Seneca for communicating grades to Students. For more information, please see the My.Seneca Minimum Requirements Policy.
  • Never store identifiable student information (i.e., assignment grades) on unencrypted devices such as USB keys. Consider storing information on OneDrive, which can be easily accessed remotely.
  • Always secure hard copies of records that contain personal information while in transit (lock them in the trunk or carry them with you) and wherever possible, access information electronically to limit the need to carry it with you.

Breach Reporting Protocol:
A suspected or confirmed breach of personal information must be reported immediately to your Chair, who will then contact the Seneca Privacy Office. If your Chair is unavailable, you can contact the Privacy Office directly at ext. 77846, or by email at privacyoffice@senecacollege.ca.

If a Seneca computer and/or email/My.Seneca account has been compromised, immediately contact the Service Desk and change your password.

digital lock imageTo learn more about Seneca’s privacy practices, please visit .

Remember, Privacy is Everybody’s Business.


Image credit: "Information Security (InfoSec) - Online Privacy - With Padlock” by Lewis Ogden is licensed under CC BY 2.0



View the March 2020 issue of the Academic Newsletter.

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