academic integrity week

Academic Integrity Week


This year, Academic Integrity Week at Seneca takes place from October 18th to 21st, 2021. 

Week of October 18 to 21, 2021 Program

Monday, October 18 Tuesday, October 19 Wednesday, October 20 Thursday, October 21

Welcome to Academic Integrity Week! IG Live @ 12:30pm  with your SSF President, Ritik Sharma. Head to the @senecassf Instagram account to join.

Destination Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity Milestone Badge

Spotlight: Academic Integrity at Seneca

Academic Integrity Virtual Backgrounds

Spotlight: Plagiarism

Academic Integrity Meme Contest

Spotlight: Contract Cheating (International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating)

Academic Integrity Q&A for Students

Spotlight: You Integrity Matters

More information about each activity is available below.

Activity Information

Welcome to Academic Integrity Week! Join the IG live with Ritik Sharma, your SSF President, and Marianne Marando, Vice President, Academic, to learn about Academic Integrity at Seneca and Academic Integrity Week activities, contests, and prizesThe @senecassf Instagram will be hosting anInstagram Live at 12:30pm on Monday, October 18th. Head to the @senecassf Instagram account to join.

Destination Academic Integrity is an online journey through the many supports and services that help students understand and practice academic integrity at Seneca. Upon completing your journey and learning about Seneca Libraries’ and The Learning Centre’s workshops, appointments, guides and tools, students will be entered into a draw for a $50 Amazon gift card from the Seneca Student Federation. All students who complete Destination Academic Integrity will be entered into the draw, three winners will be awarded.

Students can complete the Integrity in Action, Plagiarism & Citation, and/or Integrity Matters modules to earn Academic Integrity badges. Students who earn all three badges earn a Milestone badge. During Academic Integrity Week, students who earn a Milestone badge by Friday, October 22nd will be entered into an SSF draw for a $50 Amazon gift card.

Calling all meme makers (or budding meme makers)!

Create a meme that communicates the importance of Academic Integrity and become eligible to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

Academic Integrity is a commitment to honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility and courage. Your meme can highlight: Why are the values of Academic Integrity important? Why does Academic Integrity matter? How does Academic Integrity apply to you and all students? How does Academic Integrity apply to your future career?

The Prize: $100 Amazon gift card

Your Academic Integrity meme must:

  • Address the theme: Why is Academic Integrity important
  • Be an original creation by the student combining image(s) and words
    • The best memes are original, creative, and funny
  • Be appropriate (i.e. no profanity, no explicit images, no mean-spiritedness)
  • Be free of copyright restrictions and watermarks
    • Using a site like Meme Generator will help ensure you don’t have these issues.
    • DYK: Most memes are protected under copyright law under the principles of fair dealings and remixing. As long as you create the final product yourself, you can share it with confidence.
  • Meet technical specifications
    • Minimum size: 250px x 250px
    • Unique creation
  • Suggested site for creating your meme: Meme Generator (but you may use another method)

How to Win:
  1. Upload your original creation to Twitter or Instagram anytime before Friday, October 22nd
  2. Tag @senecacollege, @senecassf and #SenecaIntegrity.
    • If your account is private, you will need to screenshot your final submission with the number of likes to by Friday, October 22nd 1:00 p.m. EST.
  3. Share your post far and wide to get the most likes because the post with the most likes, wins!
  4. Like counts will be tabulated on Friday, October 22nd
  5. SSF will announce the winner on Friday, October 22nd

Any current student at Seneca College for the Fall 2021 academic semester.


The Academic Integrity Committee reserves the right to disqualify any submissions that do not meet these requirements regardless of the number of likes.

Download an Academic Integrity virtual background and use this visual in your virtual classes to pledge your commitment to act with integrity

Join us for a live Q&A session! Do you have questions about Academic Integrity at Seneca? Ask them at this live and interactive session and get answers from Seneca’s Academic Integrity experts.

On Thursday, October 21st, students will have the opportunity to engage in a fun, interactive session via Mentimeter. A survey will be conducted to discern students’ opinions regarding various aspects of academic integrity. This is an opportunity to participate freely express yourself. Your thoughts and feelings about Academic Integrity matter, so we’re looking forward to another high level of participation in this fun activity.

Academic Integrity at Seneca: As a student, you will face deadlines, feel pressure to perform, and set expectations to produce high quality results. Will you do this with integrity?

While you are at Seneca, you can develop the skills you need to meet deadlines, perform, and produce high quality results. You can lay the foundation for your reputation. Because it matters. Your integrity matters.


Presenting someone else’s words, images, ideas and works as your own, even by accident, is plagiarism and has serious consequences. On the other hand, citing the experts, artists and thinkers that contributed to and support your opinions, evidence and creations strengthens your work. The following video explains what counts as plagiarism, your responsibilities as a student, and how to avoid plagiarism.


Essay mills are invading our campuses and virtual spaces to prey upon students. The following video depicts some of the risks and problems with purchasing academic work form a third-party/ Beware of these companies that offer to complete your academic work for a fee. Third-party services threaten the value of your education, diminish your learning experience and are known to blackmail students.