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Teaching with Microsoft Teams

Teaching with Microsoft Teams

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information from ITS

ITS has information on getting started, setting up your Teams, collaborating, posting messaging, chatting, finding files, managing meetings, and exploring the apps and tools in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams information in the Educational Technology Tool Finder

The Educational Technology Tool Finder guides you through popular tools used by Seneca faculty, instructors, and students for increasing engagement and collaboration in their teaching and learning. The Microsoft Teams entry contains a brief description, tips for using Microsoft Teams, and examples of Microsoft Teams in use.

Using Microsoft Teams to Increase Engagement and Community in Your Class – an episode from Teaching & Learning Stories from the Field, a podcast from the Teaching & Learning Centre

In this episode, we hear about using Microsoft Teams in the classroom and beyond from Jason Dojc, from the School of Marketing, and Kirsti Clarida, from the Veterinary Technician program. Jason and Kirsti share how they use Microsoft Teams to encourage engagement and community in their courses.

Using Microsoft Teams for Online Classes (June 2021) webinar recording

On your Mark, Get Set, Go Microsoft Teams!
Come join our team and learn the basics for Microsoft Teams. We cover some basics on how to create your team, how students can join the team, how you can manage the team, how to share content, and work your way through the meeting controls. Lastly, we discuss the reasons that makes Microsoft Teams different from other synchronous classroom options.

The Using Microsoft Teams for Online Classes webinar on June 3, 2021 facilitated by Alex Venis and Sherri Parkins from the Teaching & Learning Centre.

Microsoft Teams "How to" videos created by the Teaching & Learning Centre:

Orientation to Microsoft Teams

What is it?:
A quick rundown of what Microsoft Teams is, what it is good for, and what limitations it has.

Should you use it?:
Microsoft Teams is more than a virtual meeting tool. It has a lot more functionality, and that comes with more complexity. In this video, I discuss the pros and cons so you can decide if it's right for you. It's good to reflect whether adding this tool to your arsenal provides real pedagogical value that makes the added complexity worth it.

Microsoft Teams Quick Tour

A quick, general overview of the Microsoft Teams platform. This is taken on a PC with the desktop app, so it might look different if you are using a Mac or a web version.

Creating a Team:
A short video on how to create and share your class team in Microsoft Teams.

A quick tour through Microsoft Teams meetings.

Team Tabs:
An introduction to tabs in MS Teams: what they are and how you can use them.

Microsoft Teams Frequently-asked Questions

Public or Private Teams?:
Should your class team be Public or Private? This quick video explores the difference.

Recurring Meeting or Not?:
Should you make a recurring meeting or schedule one for each lecture? This video goes into the pros and cons of each approach.

Using Channels for Group Work:
How to effectively use Microsoft Teams channels to facilitate group work and collaboration.

Using Mentions:
How to get someone's attention in a Microsoft Teams meeting or channel. It even works in breakout groups!

Changing Notifications:
How to change notifications on Microsoft Teams.

Breakout Groups:
How to create breakout groups in your Microsoft Teams meetings.

Guest Lecturers:
A short video on how to invite guest lecturers to your Microsoft Teams meetings.

Polls in Microsoft Teams:
How to use polls in your Microsoft Teams meetings.


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