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Digital Literacy

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The ability to locate, use, summarize, evaluate, create, and communicate information while using digital technologies and mobile platforms; and to engage safely and responsibly and ethically in online communities and networks.

Benchmark for Achievement
The graduate uses a range of digital resources to create media, and communicate work effectively with others in the “digital world” in a legally and ethically responsible manner.

The graduate:

  • Communicates effectively and respectfully using technology
  • Uses technology tools securely while protecting their own privacy and respecting the privacy of others
  • Discusses the impact and implications of digital creations and digital footprints
  • Distinguishes between appropriate and inappropriate contacts and connections in the digital environment
  • Creates digital media in a variety of formats

At the Program Level
Digital literacy goes beyond simple information technology skills. Across the program there should be opportunities to use a variety of digital media applications and create a range of content with digital tools. Cultural and social issues related to internet-based technology tools, and the practice of legal and ethical behaviour while in digital spaces are discussed and highlighted.

Questions to Guide Mapping

  • Are expectations/practices for effective digital communication explained and modelled?
  • Do students practice assessing digital footprints (their own and/or others) and discussing the implications of these creations?
  • Do assignments and activities require the use of digital media?
  • Is the ability to choose and use digital media taught, practiced and assessed?


For information, workshops, resources and tips for integrating digital media into your courses, visit the Seneca Sandbox.

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