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VLS Spotlight: Liberated Learners

VLS Spotlight: Liberated Learners

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by Alex Venis, Instructional Designer in the Teaching & Learning Centre

In early 2020, eCampusOntario solicited applications for institutions across Ontario to create online learning resources as part of a “Virtual Learning Strategy.”

One of the projects that Seneca is involved in is called “Liberated Learners.” A collaborative effort between 6 institutions (Seneca, Cambrian College, The University of Windsor, McMaster University, Brock University, and Nipissing University) and led by Trent University, this project seeks to create a student version of the Ontario Extend Professional Learning Modules. Liberated Learners aims to provide students with valuable tips and resources to help them navigate their post-secondary career. There are four modules in the final product: the Technologist, the Collaborator, the Navigator, and the Learner.

Banner with the words "Technologist"

Seneca has partnered with Brock University to create the Technologist module, which focuses on teaching students how to learn new technologies. It specifically focuses on helping students create visual, audio, and video artefacts that can be used in school and beyond. Rather than be a how-to document covering specific applications, it aims to provide general strategies and skills that students can apply to a variety of technological problems. It covers the basics of visual design, audio editing, and filmography in short bursts, allowing a learner to come away with enough information to build their own creations.

When creating resources for students, it is important to preserve the students’ voice throughout. Throughout the project, all four modules have hired students as co-creators, piloted the project with students, and looked to students to provide the content, style, and resources that they think would be useful for other students. The technologist module is no exception, and 4 students were hired to create the content along side the team at the Teaching & Learning Centres at Seneca and Brock.

We hope that this resource will help both faculty and students move towards authentic assessments, provide more supports for implementing UDL, and encourage more creative and dynamic ways for students to demonstrate their learning. With these self-paced modules, an instructor could assign a creative assignment and provide the technologist module as a resource for students. With some additional supports and practice, students will be well positioned to create their own podcasts.

You can see the Liberated Learner Project here.


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Photos by Bethany Brown are licensed under CC SA NC


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